Acknowledgement in Pakistan

I had dinner with a friend who
was telling about working with executives in Pakistan.

After 2 or 3 days of a program they were
having a completion dinner.

After dinner, he asked their permission to
play a game.

He put everyone’s name in a hat and
each person drew a name.

The game was to toast the person
whose name they drew. They could toast  more than one person if they

They were to toast that person  for
anything positive they could speak that was true for them, about their person.

It might be  that  what was
there for them was, that the glasses they wore  were  the best they
had ever seen that person wear.

Whatever they wanted to say  to toast
that person was ok.

As a group they had never done such a
thing in business before.

It is not common in the Muslim culture to
do such a thing.

(so different from our own)

There was very little if any alcohol
involved, mostly none.

All accepted the game.

All spoke

Three of the  executives reported the
next morning it was the best night of sleep  they had had in years.

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