Brene Brown says we are wired for connection and belonging. Connection gives purpose and meaning to life. Belonging is letting our selves be seen. Nothing is more important than belonging at home.


Shame, the fear of losing connection, fear that who we are, what we do, or have done could threaten that connection.




I am saying that acknowledgement has the possibility to create/confirm belonging and connection.

Acknowledgment is a key.


Repeating myself

There are those occasions that we have and opportunity to cause a miracle in the life of another.

Sometimes we see the opportunity and do it consciously

Sometimes we see the opportunity and do nothing.

Sometimes we cause a miracle and have no idea it happened.

Part of the power  of acknowledgment is that it is in the present. It doesn’t take need a long history with the person. You don’t have to know something special or be someone in particular. You are everything  you  need to do the deed. All you need to do is be present  with them and yourself and speak.


A friend  told me I was making this too hard.

I am working at distinguishing the possibility of acknowledgment.


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