Another friend  finds it interesting that I am  so interested in acknowledgment. Why is it such a big deal with me.  I think it occurs to me as a minimal out put  maximum reward. Wally used to be  my  boss at the ware house I workded at during my college years. He would come around and  stick his head in the boxcar and with a mouth full of chew would say Hey Bud!… He always seemed to have a moment to spend with any of us. He is to this day the best boss I have had. I would do anything he asked with just enough fabricated  moaning about working to hard to keep it interesting.

There is an acknowledgment of shared humanity that underlies the  communication that had it be about the job getting done and  not being a rental body or a slave.  It can lift any task to an nobel, appreciated service when created with in a context that highlights the value.  When I volunteer, checking the restrooms for cleanliness can be for something that is much greater  than crap, why do I have to do this, work.

The great thing about acknowledgment is it can be done in an moment, any time, just stick your head in a boxcar and see the opportunity before you.

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  1. Great, thought provoking writings on Acknowledgment.

    I just read a part of “The Happiness Project”. Anybody read this book? As part of her project to find out what it takes to be happy, she looked at her behavior and needs from her husband. She recognized she “nagged” too much, but she also needed “gold stars”. She recognized she can’t make someone change, and in being responsible for herself, she made a resolution “Don’t expect praise or appreciation”. This section of her book ended with “Whether or not I should want them (praise and appreciation), I do”.

    So, it seems there is a dilemma here. How to be responsible and fulfilled, satisfied. It seems to me that this lack of communication is a part of the “gore point” in which separation and disconnect exists. One side of the coin is to be aware of when one can praise and appreciate another, but what can happen if one requires appreciation from another? What can happen that a bridge gets created for connection and love? What is a new way of being responsible look like?

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