Public Acknowledgement


During a meeting last night a woman introduced her brother and sister-in-law to the other attendees. Her introduction was gracious heartfelt and she clearly loves and adores these people.

Inquiring into the possibility of what world could acknowledgement or in this case a public acknowledgement create? An opportunity to acknowledge them in public could be life altering. They would get specifically, who they are for you, the reason they come to you and what you provide for them. And that you get that their place in the world is what they most want to contribute to the world is seen, valued, and appreciated.

Think back, when was the time when you were acknowledged in public in a way that you were left with a world larger than you had moments ago? When were you were acknowledged for the contribution you most wanted to be acknowledged for? Who was it? What for? What made it special for you?
What was it like for person speaking, and the other people in the attendance?
What world was created? Did life occur differently after that? How so?

There is something that happens when you are acknowledged in public, for that which you most want to be acknowledged for, that creates a listening in the world for you to step into. Others now know you as that person.

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